Mistakes to Avoid Prior to Home Ownership

1.   Spending more than you make.  This can lead to real   danger in not being able to afford to purchase.  Create a budget you can live with and cancel credit cards you do not use before applying for a loan. 2.   Not Saving Enough for Down Payment and Closing Costs. Be sure to include these […]

Choosing a Lender

Despite an excess of loans and lenders, comparison shopping has been eased by the development of computer-loan origination systems and mortgage-reporting services – firms that survey major lenders in metropolitan areas every week or so and publish information sheets on who is offering what loans on what terms. Shop for lenders offering the best deals. […]

How To Avoid Home Buying Mistakes

1. Not doing your homework. Enter the market well-prepared by researching location, school district, deed restrictions and taxes. 2. Trying to make a shrewd investment. Focus on finding the best place for you and your family to live rather than trying to predict the real estate market. 3. Choosing a poor location. Consider what part […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home

A great way to make the home-buying process flow smoothly is to educate yourself and learn from mistakes others have made – this can make the difference between buying the home of your dreams and buying a “lemon.” Not getting pre-qualified or pre-approvedIf you receive pre-qualification or pre-approval from a reputable lender, your negotiating position […]

Buyer’s Checklist

There is no way to guarantee a “smooth” path from an approved contract to the settlement table, but doing your part is at least half the job. Expect minor problems and delays along the way. On the seller’s side, title problems are a common cause of postponed settlements. On your side, bureaucratic snags such as […]

Closing the Transaction

The sale is formally ended at the closing table. In most transaction, the closing lasts less than an hour and often occurs at the title company office. Your Real Estate Professional and the buyer’s agent may be present, and a title company officer or escrow agent will preside. Basic documents The sale actually consists of […]

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